Monday, August 8, 2016

Maze of Sunshine

August--hot sizzling days and so much summer to choose from! I'm back home again in Indiana now. I returned last Novemeber. This weekend we took it it easy a bit and enjoyed the opening of the Rio Olympics and a day on a farm!

A sunflower maze just reached full bloom at an orchard to the east of Indianapolis called Tuttle Orchards. Mom and I took my brother's little girl out to take up the challenge. It was delightful.

We rode the wooden tractor to all sorts of places ;)

and then got lost in the sunny faces of the huge flowers!

We watched the busy bees collect their pollen

and each chose our favorites to take home.

Then we enjoyed delicious farm food for lunch and an apple slushie and peach smoothie for dessert.

Delicious! Well done Tuttle Orchards! The sandwich was ham, cheese, and peach, and the wrap was chicken and goat cheese with a special dressing--excellent recipes using local ingredients.

We hunted the country landscape for elephants and rhinos on the way home :) And had a good nap to finish off the afternoon :) May the summer be long and our hearts ever hungry for sunshine!


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