Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Tiny Space!

The director of the school, Hiromi, sent me a couple of pictures of my apartment. It's so tiny but it'll be so wonderful! I'm not really sure where the bed is... hopefully the photographer is standing in front of it... otherwise it might fold down from that closet in the right hand corner.... They say the apartment is only about a 5/10 minute walk from both the school and the best sushi place in town :) I can hardly wait to eat some Japanese food!

This is the connection

Hello! Konnichiwa! This is my blog to keep up with everyone! We'll see what it turns into... Please please respond to posts every now and then!

Here's the low down... I leave from Indianapolis this Sunday morning (September 28) and will arrive in Nagoya, Japan Monday evening. It's going to be a looong day :) Glad my sis is coming with me :)

I'll be teaching English as a second language (yes, ESL or TESOL or whatever other acronym you want to give it...) in Nishio, Japan at the MEC English School. Here's the web site! You can click the "English" button on the home page, or google translate it... my profile is under the staff! So surreal....

Nishio is a town of about 100,000 people, so not tiny, not big. It's about four hours by train southwest of Tokyo.

Also, my phone is not going to work over there, so I'm leaving it here. I'll still have access to e-mail ( and facebook and this blog!

I'm very excited and can't wait to get over there! And I'm really going to miss everyone...
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